Due to regulatory uncertainty in the UK, Hyr is in the process of applying for special FCA license and registering in the Philippines
Changing how the world works. (5)
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Changing how the world works. (5)
Changing how the world works. (5)
Our d'app (decentralised app) is under development and set for release between Q2-4 2021. Stay tuned in our group https___t.me_agenzdao and https___t.me_agenznews for more information upon release. What we are buildi (14)
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NFT use cases reach far beyond Arts & collectables

Invoices, payslips, user profiles, and just about anything you can imagine will be tokenised on our DApp and soon, across the world as standard




Employers / businesses

Employees / jobseekers

Agents, agencies & bounty hunters

Liqudity providers/ yield farmers

An end-to-end staffing solution that aims to replace or minimise the cost of your agencies, job advertising sites, CRM's and payrolling solutions while providing a new way for employers and employees to interact.
By giving everyone the open source tools to instantly hire, work, pay or start their own business at minimal cost, backed by zero collateral liquidity pools and legally binding smart contract agreements.

Blockchain's first and only end-to-end business and staffing solution simultaneously building the only immutable source of employment data in existence. All convened on a censorship resistant social medium.

Contributing to the organic success of the ecosystem while earning APY 100x higher than high street banks while enabling anybody to become a bank
Getting paid by the second in any liquid asset while having access to all the tools and pools agencies use enabling anybody to be their own agent or even start their own agency backed by incentivised liqudity, not bank loans.
Working agnostically yet in competition for business at the same time to build the ecosystem and give users the best possible prices

Fintech > Blockchain

coming soon...



Expect flow backs, transactional deflation, frictionless yield and sustainable staking rewards.

Expect a working product on L2 ETH at token launch and a road map packed full of milestones, announcements and partnerships.

The Required Experience

In >40 combined years of working together as directors, managers & senior consultants, our core team is honoured to have shared between us the following -

Changing how the world works

The hYR Ecosystem

Notable companies our team have consulted or worked directly for

Made with. ❤️ for our clients, candidates and fellow 'good' consultants 

We all need to get

Core Team

DApps < Apps

Welcome to a world of instant settlements, borderless transactions and "trustless trust". Whatever fintech has brought to the canvas, blockchain beats in every aspect and the world is starting to realise.

Decentralised applications (DApps) are ownerless meaning nobody has the ability of spying on, storing or selling your data, exept for you.

DAOs < Organisations

A decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) is entirely owned, governed and profited from by its users, contributors and supporters. 

Aggregate all of your agencies, job sites, CRMs, payroll and banking solutions under control into a seamlesDApp

Our core team will be onboarding our entire client & candidate bases onto the DApp as some of the first digital agents in our remits of expertise. Above everyone listed below, we have a growing list of over 100 consultants ready to also bring their warm networks into the ecosystem while advocating to local and national governments the urgency needed in implementing the hYr protocol. 

With customisable virtual & augmented reality offices for training, registrations, interviews, meetings or general co-working ready for the digital age.

The Best